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Immerse yourself in 3 intense days of education and hands on training in classic and volume eyelash extension application, using the newly designed pre-made volume lashes. Eyelash Extension application cannot be mastered in 1 day. Many hours of guidance and hands on practice is required to perfect and master the skill. Therefore, we have designed our 3 day boot camp specifically for those who are serious about their education and want to learn the quickest and most efficient way possible. Certification will be granted at the end of day 3 after successful completion.


Class Details:

Day 1 (9 hours) - On day 1 of training you will gain theoretical knowledge and the science behind eyelash extension application. We will provide you with the necessary products and tools used to safely perform an eyelash extension service. Your instructor will demonstrate the procedure on a live model followed by mannequin practice to learn proper hand and pick-up/placement techniques. We conclude the day with 2.5 hour practice on a live model.


*homework on night 1 will consist of practice verbalizing the following: consultations, aftercare + cleansing instructions


Day 2 (8 hours) - Day 2 will consist of 3 live model sessions (2.5 hours each). Your instructor will provide feedback and guidance as needed while students work on building their speed and confidence.


Day 3 (6 hours) - Day 3 will consist of another 2.5 hour live model session followed by the last and final model which will be your certification model. During this session, students will be on their own for a 2.5 hour application. Your educator will will grade you on each of the following items before certification is granted:


Certification Criteria

  • work station set up correctly
  • health history consultation conducted properly
  • design consultation conducted properly  
  • sanitation guidelines followed
  • proper cleansing technique
  • base of extension properly attached
  • extensions placed in proper direction
  • extensions dispersed evenly and symmetrical 
  • extensions placed 1mm from lash line 
  • periodically checks clients comfort
  • no 2 eyelashes stuck together
  • no extensions or adhesive touching the skin
  • no clumps of adhesive
  • proper hand placement (straight fingers, no floating hands, no forehead pressure)
  • tweezers used properly
  • correct posture
  • application of at least 30 perfect extensions per eye in 2 hours

3 Day Boot Camp

  • 4 max

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